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Empowering the public to take charge of their own health


What does Life Inc do?

LiFE Inc is nonprofit organization that provides community members with practical lifestyle fitness education and activities. From mindfulness exercises to teaching the importance of ongoing physical activity, LiFE Inc equips people to control the areas of their health that is in their hands. This includes but is not limited to group exercise, meal prep guides and various wellness activities. Though the possibilities of programs seem broad LiFE Inc focuses on providing education and direct skills for leading a healthy lifestyle.


Day with A Coach


Not all populations have the same access to health education. Those that are plugged into health education have a difficult time implementing practices into their lifestyle. This is why LiFE Inc makes it a priority to focus on educating patients about self-empowered healthy lifestyle practices who are less likely to have regular access and support for preventative healthcare. The Day with a Coach Program pairs participants with a professional trainer for individualized coaching and nutrition support that is tailored to the lifestyle fitness needs of the participant. Coaching consist of but is not limited, to a 3- 4 hour session during which coaches develop a 3-5 day meal plan, create a shopping list and even go on a shopping trip to ensure the best adherence. Coaches help participants develop a solid workout regimen and hold a 1 on 1 personal training session. 




LiFE Inc's general operations include various group-based lifestyle fitness activities. From group exercise sessions, meal preparation demonstrations and the Spring Virtual Lifestyle Fitness Accountability group session, LiFE Inc is empowering healthy lifestyle practices. LiFE Inc currently serves the Metro Detroit and Greater Lansing Area. In addition, LiFE Inc works in conjunction with other community organizations to add the value of healthy lifestyle education to their programs and events. From self development conferences and summer camps, LiFE Inc is appropriate for all age groups. LiFE has worked with organizations like Breathe! kids swim camp and Haven House, a family home transitional center.

Lifestyle Medicine Task Force

(Coming Soon)

The developing Lifestyle Medicine Task Force is a intended to support the increases cohesion of the healthcare professionals, fitness community and primarily medical payment systems to support increased engagement of the health care system in combating the public health crisis' of obesity and preventable chronic disease. Many studies  prove the value of preventive medicine but there is still difficult implementing practices due to educational time consumption and little to no reimbursement for procedures and treatment that constitute preventative treatments. The task force will consist of healthcare professionals from various backgrounds.

Each year millions of people are diagnosed or at risk of developing chronic illness. These preventable chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease take a huge economic toll on healthcare systems and the people they serve. The CDC recommends eating nutritiously and engaging in regular physical activity as best practices to prevent these diseases. LiFE Inc provides a way for people to learn basic strategies to practice a healthy lifestyle on their own.


Why Life Inc

is important?

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