History of LiFE Inc 

LiFE Inc or Lifestyle Fitness Empowerment Incorporated was founded in 2018. It was developed to improved health for persons at risk of chronic disease after the founder, Michelle Walls faced a pre-diabetes diagnose. She had never engaged in sports or exercise and never paid attention to nutrition. Determined to improve her health, she took charge and used personal developed exercise and nutrition to lower her blood sugar and cholesterol. She was amazed at the power of self empowered lifestyle fitness practices and vowed to find ways to share it with others. Michelle became a personal trainer with the American College of Sports Medicine began coaching others, eventually deciding to lead the nonprofit, LIFE Inc. It presents the idea to people that they can not only rely on healthcare professionals but can also control certain aspects of their health by eating nutritiously and exercising regularly, overall developing lifestyle habits that combat disease anf makes us all feel good. LiFE Inc addresses this community need by promoting donation-based community events and program such as the Day With A Coach Program and the Lifestyle Fintess Accountability Group at-large and for local programs. Overall, LiFE Inc serves to provide practical lifestyle fitness education and activities that participants can implement into their everyday lives.

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Meet The Board

Founder/Board Member


Michelle Walls developed a passion for lifestyle fitness many years ago when she overcame the bad habits of a sedentary lifestyle. She developed simple healthy lifestyle habits to decrease her chances of being diagnosis of chronic illnesses like diabetes which runs in her family.  Through regular physical activity and conscious nutrition she has reversed pre-diabetes and high cholesterol. She became determined to empower other to take charge of their health in the same way. She plans to bring her interest into clinical medicine as a future physician. She is currently a second year medical student. 

Board Member


Dr. Julie Libarkin Ph.D. heads the Geocognition Research Laboratory at Michigan State University, where she investigates how people perceive, understand, and make decisions about the Earth. In her 15 years of funding history, Dr. Libarkin has received a endless  grants related to geocognition, science education research, and tectonics.

 Board Member 


Karen Beacon